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"With the eye of a skilled naturalist and photographer, Fernandez has gathered some of the finest gems of Hispaniola's natural history into a single collection."Edward O. Wilson, excerpt from Hispaniola, A Photographic Journey Through Island Biodiversity (Harvard University Press 2007)

"We are also proud of Eladio Fernadez's outstanding work. Eladio has managed to showcase the splendor of Jamaica's wildlife and natural landscapes, while at the same time reminding us of the delicate balance between man and nature."Pedro Esteva, CEO and Chairman of IMCAJamaica Limited. Excerpt from Jamaica, A Photographic Journey Through the Land of Wood and Water.

"This wonderful book is the result of years of dedicated research and fieldwork by Mr. Fern√°ndez & a few other committed colleagues. Fascinating photography, whether it is the various flora and fauna, or breathtaking environmental landscapes, this book will please both for its aesthetics, and its educational value".Aber Donian, excerpt from Hispaniola's review on